PHOTOS | LNA Foils ISIS Plot Against Oil Facilities in the South – Al Marsad

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES | Four ISIS militants were killed on Saturday evening in a surprise attack by the Libyan National Army (LNA) on their hideout in the town of Ghadwa, south of the city of Sebha in southern Libya.

A military source from the Southern Military Zones Operations Group of the General Command said in a statement to Al-Marsad that ISIS militants exchanged fire with the armed forces who raided their hideout.

He added that one of them detonated an explosive belt after his failed attempt to flee, which caused a strong explosion that was heard throughout the town. He also said that the information available before the raid indicated that one of them was a foreigner and had a prominent position in the terrorist organization. The photos showed that the bodies of the terrorists had blown into pieces to do suicide explosions.

The source also revealed that the ISIS group was planning to attack key oil facilities in the south. The raid took place after gathering intelligence information and the necessary preparations for the operation, which the army source dubbed as successful. He stressed that there were no civilian casualties due to the tight implementation of the raid. Readiness and state of emergency were stepped up in the region to monitor any fleeing members or suspicious movements.

Regarding the identity of the ISIS elements who were killed in the raid operation, the source stated that the LNA would issue a briefing later to provide full details of the operation. He stressed that this terrorist was threatening Libya and its neighbors, and had links to a foreign intelligence service that has infiltrated the west of the country.

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