Ali Tekbali: Turkey Wants Emad al-Tarabulsi and His Forces Out of Tripoli – Al Marsad

Member of the House of Parliament (HoR) Ali Tekbali said that Misrata militias will intervene against a force affiliated with Emad al-Tarabulsi because the Turks have ordered his removal from the capital.

(Libya, 17 August 2020) – Ali Tekbali in a statement to Erem News website on Sunday, indicated that the mobilization of militias aims to allow the Turks and their militias alone to rule Tripoli under the pretext that this measure is in line with the pledges of the Interior Minister, Fathi Bashagha of dismantling the militias to appease the US. 

He added, “They only want pro-Turkey militias. They are now against Sarraj. All the militias are self-serving and a confrontation is inevitable.”

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