Maiteeq and US Ambassador Stress on Stopping Military Escalation in Sirte – Al Marsad

The Misratan member of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maiteeq, had a call yesterday with Richard Norland, the US Ambassador to Libya, reviewing the results of his last round of talks on Libya.

(Libya, 17 August 2020) – According to the statement issued by the information office of the Government National Accord (GNA), the two parties stressed the need to stop the military escalation in Sirte, in addition to restoring and securing the oilfields and resume production.

US Ambassador Norland had meet Chancellor Aguila Saleh, the President of the Libya Parliament earlier this month. Chancellor Saleh was firm on the necessary conditions on the resumption of oil when he said, “We do not accept the use of the oil revenues to pay the salaries of the armed militias and mercenaries. We demanded a bank account be opened for oil revenues. Oil income will be frozen and will not go to the Central Bank until a new authority is formed.”

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