Turkey Deploys Korkut System at Al-Watiyah Airbase – Al Marsad

The Belgium website, “Army Recognition”, reported that the Turkish armed forces deployed the KORKUT 35 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system at al-Watiyah airbase in Libya, to support the armed militias war against the Libyan National Army (LNA), in yet another flagrant violation of the UN resolutions banning the weaponization of Libyan factions.

(Libya, 17 August 2020) – The Korkut is a short-range self-propelled air defense 35mm gun system developed and manufactured in Turkey by Aselsan and FNSS companies. It was unveiled during the Defense Exhibition (IDEF),in Istanbul in May 2013.

The website pointed out that Turkey modified the Korkut and is now design to offer an effective ground-based short-range air defense system able to destroy air threats at a maximum range of 4 km. It consists of 3 defense systems, three 35mm gun system tracked vehicles, one command and control tracked vehicle that works independently, and that this system is capable of evaluating threats, tracking and destroying them.

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