Egyptian Parliament: Ceasefire in Libya is a Step to End Turkish Intervention – Al Marsad

The Deputy Chair of the Defense and National Security Committee in the Egyptian Parliament, Major General Salama al-Gohary, said that the ceasefire decision and halt to military operations in the Libyan territories is in line with the recommendations of the Egyptian political leadership headed by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the initiatives it adopted to end the Libyan crisis and chaos inside its territories peacefully.

(Libya, 21 August 2020) – Major General Salama al-Gohary, in statements to the Egyptian Sada al-Balad website, indicated that the ceasefire marks a second stage for Libya, namely sitting at the negotiating table and reaching a peaceful solution that satisfies the parties to the Libyan crisis. “The negotiations and the solutions resulting from them shall then be purely Libyan without any external interference, as Egypt demanded in its initiative, most recently represented by the Cairo Declaration,” added al-Gohary.

The parliamentarian pointed out that the ceasefire proves the weakness of Erdogan’s position and constitutes a step to end the Turkish intervention inside the Libyan territories, as Egypt wanted and managed to do to end the Libyan crisis.

Al-Gohary expected the Libyan dispute between the conflicting parties to be settled soon, especially after the ceasefire decision and the end of the first phase of resolving the crisis, stressing the continuation of Egyptian support for the Libyan leadership.

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