Ignoring Jannat, Gharghour, Resolution 7, and Tawergha, Williams supports Investigating Only Post-2016 Violations – Al Marsad

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) welcomed the announcement by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to appoint three “distinguished independent experts” for the Fact-Finding Mission on Libya (FFML). However, the UNSMIL supports the investigation of only post-2016 violations which completely ignores the issue of Jannat mass graves, Gharghour massacre, Resolution 7 against Bani Walid and the Tawergha issue.

(Libya, 23 August 2020) – According to the UNSMIL’s statement, the experts are Mohamed Auajjar, former Moroccan Minister of Justice, Tracy Robinson from Jamaica, Chaloka Beyani, a binational from Zambia and the United Kingdom.

The UNSMIL indicated that this “appointment comes at a time when Libyans are in dire need of justice and accountability. UNSMIL reiterates its strong support for a full and impartial investigation into alleged abuses and violations of international humanitarian and human rights law since the start of 2016.


“UNSMIL calls upon relevant Libyan authorities to extend their full cooperation to the FFML as a critical step calls towards ending impunity and preventing further human rights violations and abuses in Libya,” added the UNSMIL.

In this way, the UNSMIL ignores any violations that occurred in Libya since 2011 and the rights of many Libyan parties and families who lost their loved ones since that year until 2016, including the rights of those buried in the Jannat mass graves in Misrata.

Jannat mass graves in Misrata

The UNSMIL’s decision also disregards other massacres and violations committed in the country, including the Gharghour massacre in 2013, Resolution 7 against the city of Bani Walid in 2012, the Black Saturday massacre in 2013 in front of Wissam bin Hamid’s Shield Forces in Benghazi, in addition to the assassinations, kidnappings, and murders, including Libya Dawn and the burning and destruction of Tripoli airport in 2014. Add to this the displacement and destruction of the districts of Warshefana in the same period.

The decision also turns a blind eye to the crime of eight-year-long displacement of the people of Tawergha during which the city was deliberately shelled even though it was empty. They also burnt the spared remaining homes in a systematic yearlong destruction crime that lasted from 2011 to 2012.

It was noticeable that the UNSMIL ignored all these facts related in some way to the Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, who was one of the leaders in charge during the period of many of these atrocities—beginning with the events of 2011 when he was a leader in the Misrata Military Council, which launched countless raids and committed numerous crimes from Jannat to Resolution 7 to Gharghour to Libya Dawn.

Operation Libya Dawn itself brought Libya to this situation, according to the 2017 United Nations report, which identified this coup operation as a reason for the disrupted political process and the destruction of the already shattered state. Bashagha was its prime godfather, accompanied by Ali Sallabi, according to the leader in the Zintan Military Council, Osama Juweili, who is currently the Commander of the GNA’s Western Military Zone.

While UNSMIL calls for ending impunity, it paves the way for the worst phase of impunity for pre-2016 crimes that Libya has never seen in its contemporary history starting from the summary executions in 2011, the burial of dozens in Jannat mass graves, cooking people in pots while they are alive, and even the violations and procedures that were the cornerstone of the emergence of ISIS and al-Qaeda, especially in Sirte. Stephanie Williams supports demilitarization of Sirte in appreciation of Misrata’s sacrifices therein, forgetting that the so-called “sacrificers” created the terrorist organizations in the first place.

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