Al-Hweij: Those Who Call for Ceasefire and Want GNA to Dominate Libya Are Deluded – Al Marsad

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Libyan Government, Abdulhadi Al-Hweij said that some people are calling for the ceasefire and yet, at the same time, also calling for the Government of National Accord (GNA) to dominate the entire Libyan land.

(Libya, 23 August) – The Libyan Foreign Minister, Abdulhadi Al-Hweij remarked in a tweet on his social media account said that such people “live in a state of obsession and schizophrenia with reality, unfortunately hate speech and exclusion in all ways possible, we want brave people who only prioritize their country.”

He continued, “they should leave Libyans alone, the people who failed in Tripoli to even solve the littering problem, not to mention electricity, and the cashflow in a country filled with oil rigs, and today they destroy cities, kill people, and spill blood. Words must be accompanied by deeds or the deeds mean nothing.”

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