Former GNA Advisor: Sarraj Must Resign if Unable to Control All of Libya – Al Marsad

The former political advisor to the Government of National Accord (GNA), Sami al-Atrash, said it was the presence of a third party that pressured the country to agree to a ceasefire.

(Libya, 23 August 2020) – In a statement to Independent Arabia, al-Atrash said: “There is no doubt that the US is the real player in all the recent developments in the Libyan file. Its pressure on all parties in Libya and abroad to come out with this rare consensual formula has surely resulted in the said breakthrough.”

He called for the resignation of the President of the Presidency Council if he cannot lead the battle to the end up to the control the entire Libyan soil, adding that “if Sarraj, as the President of the Presidential Council and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, is weak and unable to fulfil his promises to the Libyan people in terms of extending control and legitimacy over the entire Libyan territory, he must withdraw and get out of the scene.”

He criticized Sarraj’s acceptance of demilitarizing Sirte, saying: “We are not at war with an external party to accept to have a demilitarized zone within the heart of our country. This is a war between legitimacy and a party that has mutinied against it,” as he put it.

He also voiced his belief that a third party would soon enter the scene. “The announcement of a ceasefire may pave the way for the entry of a third force that will work to establish the demilitarized zone. This may take the form of a US-led international military force,” stated al-Atrash considering that this is unacceptable to him and others.

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