Sarraj Appoints His Personal Photographer as Chargé d’Affaires in Bosnia – Al Marsad

Fayez al-Sarraj has appointed his secretary, valet, personal photographer, and official page administrator, Motasim Bellah al-Dhawi, as the Chargé d’affaires in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hundreds of young graduates from the Diplomatic Institute are still waiting for any job opportunity even at home if not abroad, whilst the ill-qualified is offered a succession of diplomatic posts by the GNA.

(Libya, 23 August 2020) – According to the new appointment documents published by the website “The Black Box of Corruption” today, Saturday, Mohamed Siala, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Accord (GNA), addressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to grant al-Dhawi a diplomatic work visa to allow him to perform his new diplomatic mission.

Al-Dhawi had left Libya before the outbreak of the April 2019 war to work in Spain before Siala transferred him to Bosnia as first secretary and finally as a chargé d’affaires in Bosnia for salary and housing and transportation allowances of approximately US$15,000 per month. Al-Dhawi does not even hold a university degree; he graduated from an intermediate education entity and does not speak any foreign language.

Born in 1991, Al-Dhawi, had never previously worked in the diplomatic corps and was not among the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He started his governmental career as a photographer in the government of the late Prime Minister Abdul-Rahim al-Keib.

After serving as a private photographer of al-Keib, he worked with Ali Zeidan as his private photographer and admin of the government Facebook page. He remained in the same job after Abdullah al-Thini assumed the duties of prime minister in Tripoli in late 2013.

After Operation Libya Dawn coup and the government leaving Tripoli, al-Dhawi left to Tobruk and from there to Bayda. He worked in Bayda the private photographer for al-Thini and admin for the interim government’s page before the signing of the political agreement. Then, he got to know Fayez al-Sarraj who brought him to Tripoli, based on recommendations of close associates, MPs, and advisors.

When he began working for the GNA, al-Dhawi stole the official and authenticated page of the interim government and changed its name to the GNA. Prime Minister Al-Thini described him at the time as “a thief and a dishonest person”. He did that after returning to Tripoli from which he was expelled by Libya Dawn militias. Al-Dhawi never notified al-Thini and his government of what he was going to do.

After serving as a photographer, al-Dhawi worked as a private secretary to Sarraj and accompanied him on most of his travels, visits, and meetings at home and abroad. Campaigns targeted him in Tripoli claiming he was one of the “president’s lobbies” as he was close to Taher el-Sonni who also got a job in New York. Al-Dhawi, in his part, managed to get a job in Spain and finally as a chargé d’affaires even though he had neven studied the law regulating diplomatic work in Libya.

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