Demand for Withdrawal of Turkish Forces from Libya is Nonsense, Claims the Muslim Brotherhood – Al Marsad

A leading Libyan figure in the international network of the Muslim Brotherhood, Imad al-Din al-Muntasir, said that Europe’s role has re-expanded upon the request and support of Fayez al-Sarraj himself, who is trying to limit Turkish role in Libya.

(Libya, 26 August 2020) – In a statement to the Qatari website Arabi 21, Imad al-Din al-Muntasir commented on media reports on leaked “conditions” claimed to be submitted by “Haftar’s” forces to the United States and Europe for agreeing to a permanent ceasefire. “Though the source of these reports remains dubious, if they were true, they are illogical and inconsistent with the facts on the ground,” argued al-Muntasir.

The pro-Turkish Muslim Brotherhood eader said that “Haftar may impede implementation, but the demand for the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Libya is just nonsense,” as he put it.

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