Guma El-Gamaty: Tripoli’s Protests Are Being Manipulated by International Intelligence – Al Marsad

The head of the Islamist-aligned Taghyeer (“Change”) Party in Libya and special envoy of the Presidential Council for the Maghreb, Guma El-Gamaty, failed in a TV interview to condemn the indiscriminate shooting against civilian protesters in Tripoli for the last fours days by pro-Sarraj armed gunmen and instead accuses it of being manipulated by “international intelligence”, whilst telling viewers that the right to demonstrate was guaranteed by the “February Revolution”. 

(Libya, 27 August 2020) – Guma El-Gamaty said during a special coverage broadcast on Libya Al-Ahrar channel broadcast from Turkey and funded by Qatar on Tuesday, that it is not possible to stand against the right and will of Libyans to demonstrate in a peaceful civilised manner and raise any demand. The state, institutions, and police must provide the appropriate security to protect them and their right.

“Libya today is divided geographically, politically, and security-wise into two distinct parts and the difference is clear in terms of the events unfolding here and there. The first part that Haftar controls prevents demonstrations and shoots protesters as in Sirte. In the areas not under Haftar’s control, such as west Libya, since 2011 until now, no image of any political figure has been raised as if the Libyans would like to say that the worship of figures and rulers is over,” claimed el-Gamaty without making any reference to the shooting by Sarraj armed loyalists at peaceful demonstrators and injuring many of them in Tripoli.

He also claimed that the peaceful demonstrations had been derailed, saying: “There are foreign agendas operating strongly in Libya. There have been international and regional intelligence services operating in Libya for the past 9 years. The Axis of Evil and their intelligence are trying, after the defeat of Haftar, to spread chaos and overthrow Tripoli in other ways. We are in a transition period and have an interim government that is performing badly and is terribly weak. The Presidential Council itself has internal disagreements and divisions.
He also expressed his wishes that there will be a strong movement in Tripoli and all of Libya calling for elections as soon as possible to enable the Libyan people to exercise their right to change whoever leads institutions and the government through the ballot box, as he put it.

El-Gamaty stressed that the demands of the demonstrators for improving the economic and social conditions and alleviating the suffering of citizens in terms of outages, liquidity crisis, and the outbreak of COVID-19 are legitimate and the Government of National Accord (GNA) must address them positively and take practical steps.

He noted the need to pressure the international community, regional parties, and those inside Libya that the only solution is to end the transitional period and chaos and go to a permanent phase and elections.

“There is a regional and international consensus that Haftar has failed in his adventure and must burden the responsibility for his failure. As for the political track, pressure must be exercised as about 75% of Libyans want to build a civil, constitutional, and democratic state to get rid of these faces that are part of the problem,” claimed the head of the Islamist-aligned Taghyeer Party.

He stressed the importance of preserving the project of a constitutional civil state, as it is the only option that would realize freedom for the Libyan citizens, as he put it. He urged the people of the eastern region to express their views, rise up, and expel “Haftar” to return to the fold of the homeland and agree on clear principles, such as a unified and sovereign Libya, as he claimed.

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