Members of the State Council Denounce Mishri’s Monopoly Over All Decisions – Al Marsad

Twenty-four members of the consultative High Council of State expressed their awareness last week of the current serious stage of the country, which requires the engagement of all members of the Council so that they can reach consensus among themselves to solve the problems the Libyans have been suffering for years.

(Libya, 7 September 2020) – The 24 members stressed in a statement that their membership in this Council stemmed from the choice of the voters in their respective constituencies, indicating that the principle of equal participation of the members in making decisions of concern to the whole nation is a foundation that should remain intact and unassignable.

In their statement, the members strongly rejected and condemned the attempt to reduce the Council to the person of its chairman, Khaled al-Mishri, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party (JCP), or his office in cooperation with a handful of so-called “assistants and advisors”.

The 24 members bloc added: “Those who unilaterally form a committee to represent the Council in the 5+ 5 meeting that will take place in Morocco to meet with the committee that represents the House of Representatives (HoR) violates the rules of procedure of the Council. This is unacceptable as it does not represent the Council. We categorically reject it.”

The members concluded their statement by stressing that they will not shirk their duties and will not recognize any decisions in the name of the State Council that represent a narrow political spectrum with which they disagree on many national issues, implying the Muslim Brotherhood elements that try to hijack the High Council of State.

The 24 signatories are the following:


1. Abdul-Rahman Khalifa al-Shater
2. Jamal Mohamed Bosahmin
3. Mohamed Abdullah al-Toumi
4. Mohamed Ahmed Bosnina
5. Wahid Mohamed Barshan
6. Abdul-Fattah Saad Hablous
7. Al-Sadiq Abu Aisha Kashir
8. Saad Ibrahim bin Sharrada
9. Abdullah Ali Jawan
10. Nagy Mukhtar Mubarak
11. Lamia Mohamed Al-Sharif
12. Fawzia Abdul-Salam Karawan
13. Aisha Yousef Qaliwan
14. Hassan Ali Habib
15. Ahmed al-Taher Hamuma
16. Fathallah Mohamed al-Sariri
17. Ahmed al-Ammari Abu Bareeq
18.. Mahmoud Mukhtar al-Tabib
19. Naima Mohamed al-Hami
20. Salem Musa Madi
21. Kamel Mohamed Al-Jatlawi
22. Shabaan Ali Bou Sitta
23. Ahmed Mohamed al-Naqi
24. Abul-Qasim Mohamed Qazeit

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