Al-Safrani: Sovereign Positions Should Be Filled Geographically and Demographically – Al Marsad

Member of the delegation of the High Council of State participating in the Bouznika meetings in Morocco, Abdul-Salam al-Safrani, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, said that positive atmosphere has prevailed and initial understandings were reached on the criteria for selecting the sovereign posts with the delegation of House of Representatives (HoR).

(Libya, 9 September 2020) – Al-Safrani, in a statement to the Al-Raed news network close to the Justice and Construction Party (JCP), the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed yesterday that both delegations put forward several mechanisms during the dialogue sessions to choose the candidates for the sovereign positions taking into account the geographical and demographic aspects. The said mechanisms would ensure broad participation rather than quota system, argued al-Safrani.

He stressed the need to end division and fight corruption, stop wasting public money, and unify the state’s sovereign institutions so that they can face all forms of corruption and support the executive authorities and help them accomplish their tasks and preserve state’s sovereignty.

He affirmed the right of the State Council and the HoR to choose the nominees for the seven sovereign positions as per the provisions of Article 15 of the Political Agreement, stressing that the talks would continue for another day.

Regarding the latest developments, al-Safrani indicated that the discussions are continuing, saying: “We stopped today for consultations after each delegation presented their proposals. We will resume our work tomorrow or the day after.”

Al-Safrani valued Moroccan efforts to provide an enabling environment for the Libyan-Libyan dialogue supported by a profound international momentum in support of consultations, hoping to reach agreements and understandings in the future.

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