Consultative Meeting in Geneva Issues a 7-Point Communiqué; Proposes Postponing Elections – Al Marsad

The so-called representatives of the “key Libyan stakeholders”, including representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, held a meeting in Montreux, Switzerland, over the past three days.

(Libya, 10 September 2020) – As announced, the meeting was in response to the hopes of the Libyans for stability and a decent life and to address the deteriorating economic, social, and health situation of the Libyan people based on the two ceasefire statements issued on 21 August, as claimed.

Photo participants of the Switzerland meeting

Facilitated by the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) and in the presence of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), the meeting aimed at resuming the course of political dialogue and pushing for what the participants unanimously called the “preparatory phase for a comprehensive solution”.

The participants, whom observers say did not include any representative of the eastern region, unanimously agreed to refer their detailed recommendations to the Political Dialogue Committee scheduled to meet soon under the auspices of the UNSMIL. The main recommendations were as follows:

1 – Consider the “preparatory phase for a comprehensive solution” as a time limit to create the appropriate conditions conducive for holding the parliamentary and presidential elections within eighteen months based on an agreed constitutional rule.
2 – Restructure the executive authority to comprise a Presidential Council of a President and two Deputies and a National Unity Government independent of it.
3 – Select the members of the Presidential Council and the Head of the National Unity Government through the Libyan Political Dialogue Committee and task it to form a National Unity Government that considers Libya’s unity and its geographical, political, and social diversity, and refer the same to gain confidence.
4 – Assess and follow up on the work of the executive authority and the undertaking of its tasks periodically by the Libyan Political Dialogue Committee.
5 – Call the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to agree on the sovereign positions and the electoral process within reasonable periods.
6 – Transfer the executive institutions and the House of Representatives to Sirte during the “preparatory phase for a comprehensive solution” to exercise their sovereign duties as soon as the security and logistical conditions are met.
7 – Emphasize the importance of boosting national and social reconciliation, starting with ending the phenomenon of illegal detention and political conviction, activating the amnesty law for political prisoners, ensuring the safe return of the deportees and displaced, and reparation without prejudice to the right to litigation.

The meeting expressed hopes for a speedy resumption of the Political Dialogue Committee and asserted the need for the international community to assume its full responsibility in ensuring stability in Libya and commitment of all Libyan stakeholders to the Security Council resolutions on Libyan sovereignty and supporting the Libyan political process in both word and deed.

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