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The radical Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Ghariani, said that the Libyan-Libyan dialogue taking place in Morocco is another “enclave” of the United Nations, which has done no good for the Libyan people since the Skhirat Agreement.

(Libya, 10 September 2020) –  As the host of the “Islam and Life” program on the Islamist al-Tanasuh channel broadcast from Istanbul on Wednesday, Sadiq al-Gharyani claimed that Libyan officials and politicians were merely tools to implement the desires of their enemies in their homeland.

He stressed that the United Nations only wants to perpetuate the war and conflict in Libya, adding: “Had the international community, the United Nations, and its Security Council wanted to curb Haftar’s incessant crimes, they would have done so in no time. The international community does not want Libya to be stable unless it is under their rule. This is a strategic goal to drain resources and milk countries.”

On the consultations held in Morocco, he commented, “Morocco’s dialogue is sterile and useless. It convened without conditions and its main characteristic is abject surrender. They meet with people who have never fulfilled a promise or honored an agreement. Although they waste time, they brazenly declare they have reached understandings, the same hackneyed scenario that took place 5 years ago. It is rather bizarre that they are talking about sovereign positions as if there were no longer any problems in Libya except for those who would hold these positions.

“The crises are exacerbating day after day. The outages have reached 20 hours a day. Coronavirus takes a heavy toll on people’s lives across the country with no access to adequate equipment and shelters. They exploit the Covid-19 crisis to legalize random curfew decisions, as needed. When the demonstrations broke out, the Presidential Council promised to undertake reform, but it has not fulfilled these empty promises.”

In another context, he said: “The Ministry of Finance has recently issued a decision to suspend 17,000 salaries due to impersonation and fake names. We salute it for such a practical decision to hunt down corruption and consider it a step in the right direction. Likewise, the decision issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to arrest two people accused of embezzling US$700 million is good and a kind of fighting corruption. However, have they implemented these decisions or not? That is the question!

In conclusion, he noted that the patching taking place now aims merely to pacify and silence the people, which are no longer able to bear the distress and thus have exploded. He called on the Presidential Council and the Minister of Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to learn the lesson from the recent events and embark on reform instead of issuing statements.

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