Boushrida: Delaying Elections Will be a Grave Mistake – Al Marsad

The member of the political action team at the Constituent Assembly’s initiative to restore the matter to the Libyan people, Omar Boushrida, revealed that they participated in the Montreux consultative meetings together with several Libyan figures and that the issues discusses are not binding and they still have the main track for the expanded dialogue in Geneva.

(Libya, 11 September 2020) – Omar Boushrida explained in a statement to Al-Marsad that they warned against delaying elections which would end the loss of legitimacy, adding that they would not bear any political and moral responsibility if the war flared up again due to such a delay.

The so-called representatives of the “key Libyan stakeholders”, including representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, held a meeting in Montreux, Switzerland, over the past three days. As announced, the meeting was in response to the hopes of the Libyans for stability and a decent life and to address the deteriorating economic, social, and health situation of the Libyan people based on the two ceasefire statements issued on August 21, as claimed.

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