Like Father Like Son: Sadiq Al-Ghariani’s Son Calls for a Stand Against Sarraj – Al Marsad

Suhail al-Gharyani, the son of the radical Islamist cleric currently based in Istanbul, Sadiq al-Gharyani, called on those he described as the “men of Volcano of Anger” to a protest outside the Presidential Council on al-Sikkah Road against Fayez al-Sarraj.

(Libya, 12 September 2020) – Suhail al-Gharyani said in a post on his Facebook page: “To every free man from the Volcano of Anger, our time is on Sunday in front of the Presidential Council so that everyone knows who the revolutionaries are and what their demands are. Do not be passive and fail your martyr comrades who have ascended to heaven. Let us meet on Sunday at 9 am in front of the Presidential Council al-Sikkah Road.”

He stressed the importance of the demand for referring all names involved in administrative and financial corruption to the investigation, removing them from state positions, and replacing them with qualified people, improving living conditions and services, and providing a decent life for citizens, including electricity, fuel, liquidity, water, and so on.

He also stressed the need to start immediately activating the National Guard Law to accommodate the young fighters in Operation Volcano of Anger and remove those affiliated with the terrorist Operation Dignity and those who did not have a clear position on the war on Tripoli, in addition to caring for the wounded and the families of the “martyrs” and providing all their needs.