Al-Shater: The Coming Days Will Be Tough for Sarraj – Al Marsad

Abdurrahman al-Shater, member of the advisory High Council of the State (HCS) said that the process of recycling “political scrap” was escalating within the Sarraj government. He said Libya will triumph and revolutionaries will thwart the power sharing deals he is making. 

(Libya, 13 September 2020) – Abdurrahman al-Shater said on his official twitter account that “We hoped that [Fayez] al-Sarraj would become a national hero; but he chose the red carpet and dialogue in the capitals and palaces of the world.”

He added that Sarraj “refused to walk through the streets of our cities to talk to citizens in queues about fuel, liquidity and miserable services. The coming days will be tough on him.”

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