Aguila Saleh Holds Emergency Meeting to Meet the Needs of the Citizens – Al Marsad

The Speaker of the House of Representative (HoR), Chancellor Aguila Saleh held an emergency meeting in his office in al-Qubah to meet the demands of the civilian demonstrations regarding the deterioration of services and living conditions, particularly the problem of electricity outages.

(Libya, 14 September 2020) – According to the Media Office of the HoR, the meeting included Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani, Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, heads of specific committees of the HoR, Ministers of Finance, Health and Economy, a member of the Management Committee of the General Electricity Company, and a number of officials of the company.”

During the meeting, Saleh was briefed on a detailed explanation of the work of the government, ministries and bodies concerned on the causes of the deterioration of the service situations and the crisis of electricity outages and its impact and toll on citizens.

The engineers and officials of the General Electricity Company presented full technical explanations during the meeting, clarified that the electricity crisis was caused by the shortage of fuel supplies to the power stations of oil and diesel, and the absence of technical problems. Under the orders of Chancellor Aguila Saleh, the Libyan government has provided two diesel tankers and more than four tankers will be provided in the next few days.

The specialists also recommended the necessity of unloading crude stocks in oil port tanks, so that feeding gas would be available for the power stations instead of providing large quantities of diesel fuel.

The meeting also addressed the health situation in Libya in general, the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 and the provision of adequate medicine stocks for the coming months. Financial resources were provided for the supply of essential medicines to avoid shortage of medicine.

They also discussed the crisis of liquidity shortage in commercial banks and the need to find possible solutions to overcome this crisis and mitigate its impact on citizens.

Last night it was also announced that the Libyan government of Abdullah al-Thini submitted its formal written resignation to the HoR’s speaker. According to the Chancellor Saleh the resignation will be presented to the HoR for consideration.

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