Ouhaida: Dire Living Conditions Led to Protests by Citizens Across Libya – Al Marsad

The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Jebreel Ouhaida said that the dire living situation across the country, including high prices, prolonged power outages, and blockage of the political horizon due to mismanagement and widespread corruption in all institutions, has generated great frustration among citizens leading them to  demonstrate.

(Libya, 14 September 2020) – Jebreel Ouhaida pointed out in statements to the Qatari Arabi21 website that the demonstrations began in Tripoli and Misrata, and now moved to eastern cities of Libya, all of the demonstrations to reject corruption among the leaders of the current Libyan scene.

“Peaceful protests are good in order to correct the course, hold the corrupt accountable and bring them down, but the chaos and exploitation of some for these demonstrations have made many denounce these actions, whose perpetrators must be held accountable to the competent authorities.”

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