Bakkoush: Mishri and Sawan Refuse Elections Because They Will Be Left Empty Handed – Al Marsad

Former advisor to the High Council of State, Salah al-Bakkoush, said that the events in the Libyan file are accelerating for the resolution of the crisis, but the bodies that have existed over the past 5 years and have brought nothing but corruption, discord, and misfortune, are still trying to recycle the Political Agreement.

(Libya, 16 September 2020) – Salah al-Bakkoush indicated during a special coverage broadcast on al-Tanasuh channel which belongs to the radical Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani on Tuesday that these bodies keep discussing the issue of sharing sovereign positions and insist on recycling the Political Agreement even though Libyans want to hold elections to come out with a new body that ends division.

“I believe that there are international pressures on all the overlapping parties in Libya to reach a state of so-called crisis containment, not a solution. This ceasefire is in the best interests of Egypt, which is trying to avoid a war with Turkey in Libya, just as Turkey does not want a war in Libya, especially as it now has enough French and Greek threats in the eastern Mediterranean and other domestic issues to address,” argued al-Bakkoush.

Commenting on Khaled al-Mishri’s statements after Morocco’s Dialogue: “Al-Mishri’s statement is self-contradictory, for the claim that no discussion took place during the dialogue on the sharing of sovereign positions and accusing those who talk about this of being against dialogue to take advantage of the lack of agreement. This is the way of those trying to perpetuate dialogue to remain in office. Al-Mishri said sharing positions was not on the table, but they talked about the framework of these positions and how we deal with them. What is the difference then?”

“In its statement in English on the Montreux meeting, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) stated that those who met there are Libyan key parties, while it described them in the Arabic version of the same statement as being merely Libyan politicians! The UNSMIL’s statements are self-contradictory. Are Abdul-Hamid al-Dabaiba and Nizar Kawan key parties whose opinion is reliable and does not differ much from that of the State Council and the House of Representatives (HoR)?

Al-Bakkoush claimed that al-Mishri, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Justice and Construction Party (JCP) have caused disasters in the country that everyone knows, and one of the main reasons for al-Mishri and Sawan’s rejection of the elections is that they realize they will not get anything if the elections take place. Therefore, the best strategy for them is to sit in closed rooms and make deals about the sovereign positions and the new government, as he put it.

He touched upon the reports on Fayez al-Sarraj’s resignation, saying, “These reports aim merely to relieve the pressure on him to continue his work as president along with his advisors. Al-Sarraj presented a challenge to others, that is, his resignation is on the table and they should reach a solution. Others want us to turn our attention away from the true cause of the catastrophic situation in Libya.”

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