Al-Mismari: Khaled Al-Mishri is on the Payroll of Qatari Intelligence – Al Marsad

Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, the spokesperson for the Libyan National Army General Command, said that the “terrorist Muslim Brotherhood” Khaled al-Mishri, head of what is known as the High Council of State, is Qatar’s agent in  Libya.

(Libya, 17 September 2020) – Major General Ahmed al-Mismari said in a press conference that Khaled al-Mishri should not talk about the future of the Libyan state because he is an agent and the General Command of the Army has dozens of documents that prove him to be guilty of high treason.

He added that al-Mishri should be held accountable for high treason, not just terrorism. He also presented part of his security file, which showed he was a former inmate in Abu Salim prison from 1998 to 2006 for terrorism cases.

Al-Mismari revealed documents from the Qatari Foreign Ministry confirming that al-Mishri receives a salary of US$250,000 a month along with others from the Qatari intelligence services in exchange for his work in Libya.

Al-Mismari confirmed that Libyans by fighting the Turkish occupation and terrorism are following the footsteps of the martyr Omar al-Mukhtar, whose memory is commemorated today. He also noted that Libyans are offering their children to fight the Turkish occupation as an extension of the battles of their ancestors, pointing to the graduation of batches of military colleges inside and outside the country and training centres—all ready to counter Turkish aggression.

He pointed out that the executions and the policies of the Italian occupier did not stop the Libyan people who were fighting on the back of horses, which is the same approach of the Libyan army now against the Turkish occupation.

He stressed that the hopes of Libyans will only be fulfilled by the national will expressed by the army, which is fighting for full Libyan sovereignty over Libyan lands.

The army spokesman also stated that the army observes the truce, saying: “We are still fully committed to the ceasefire in all locations, and there are no skirmishes to the west of Sirte to give an opportunity for political dialogue.”

Regarding the army’s operation against ISIS in Sebha, he confirmed the link between ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, referring to the statements of “the terrorist Abdel Hakim Belhaj” in which he described ISIS terrorists as tourists in southern Libya.

Al-Mismari linked the operation by the Sudanese authorities against terrorism in which they found large quantities of explosives, and terrorism in Libya, saying: “Terrorism in Khartoum is linked to terrorism in Libya, and ISIS infiltrated into Libya through the desert of Sudan.”

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