Hassan Shaba: Haftar Has Honored Agreement with Maiteeq Despite Pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood – Al Marsad

Hassan Abdullah Shaba, a Misratan leader and a member of the delegation that visited Cairo recently, praised the agreement to resume oil production and export.

(Libya, 18 September 2020) – Hassan Abdullah Shaba wrote on his official Facebook page: “Haftar orders the opening of oilfields and ports despite the uproar of the Muslim Brotherhood and their channels and underlings, the campaigns of the idiot and the no-brainers who do not consider the daily tragedies of the citizens.”-

“In this way, Haftar has assured Maiteeq that if the Muslim Brotherhood and their associates have prevented you from coming to Sirte, we still fulfil the covenants, and you must complete the terms of the agreement so that the Muslim Brotherhood and their aides do not benefit from the people’s income,” stated Shaba.

The Misratan leader concluded by saying: “Long live Libya, and the citizens will triumph over the henchmen of Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Maiteeq was scheduled to visit Sirte today in coordination with the General Command of the Libyan National Army, but a “Muslim Brotherhood’s obstruction” prevented that from happening. A press conference for him in Misrata was put off after agitators loyal to the Government of National Accord’s Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha and the Commander of the Al-Somoud Brigade Salah Badi stormed off the venue.


In a related development, Mustafa Sanallah of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) rejected any local agreement to re-export oil and reopen ports unless the army withdraws completely from them. Rather, he plans to contract with a British security company to undertake the task of securing the oilfields and ports, according to Western reports.

Sanallah, just like the Muslim Brotherhood, is a close associate of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). He also opposes any political agreement or elections because they will undoubtedly overthrow those who has hijacked the sovereign positions for years now.

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