Al-Shater: Non-Negotiation with Haftar Is a Principle, Dialogue in Bouznika and Switzerland is Null and Void – Al Marsad

Member of the advisory High Council of State, Abdul-Rahman al-Shater said that “non-negotiation with Haftar or his supporters” is a matter of principle that all must observe and not an empty slogan to be raised for political gains and propaganda.

(Libya, 19 September 2020) – Abdul-Rahman al-Shater indicated in a tweet on his page that the recent understandings of the dialogue meetings in Bouznika and Switzerland were null by virtue of adherence to this principle. “This applies to the next dialogue forum as well. It is null and void in advance,” he wrote.

He argued that the loser in the war should not be granted political victories or shown any surrender in exchange for the release of the sustenance and resources. of Libyans.

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