GNA Minister of Culture: Oil Reopening Agreement Preserves Lives of Our Youth – Al Marsad

The Culture Minister in the Government of National Accord (GNA), Hassan Aounis, called on everyone not to read the agreement on re-exporting oil between the General Command of the Armed Forces and the member of the Presidential Council for the city of Misrata, Ahmed Maiteeq, as being an act of treachery.

(Libya, 19 September 2020) – Hassan Aounis added in a post on his official Facebook page that this agreement to reopen oilfields and ports comes at this difficult time in the nation’s history to put an end to the bloodshed and ruin that a devastating war to forcefully restore control over these oil ports would have left behind.

He said that the agreement would spare Libya further devastation and destruction and protect the youth from being fuel for a battle supported by major external powers currently controlling Libya’s wealth.

He called on all stakeholders to consider this agreement through the lens of optimism and goodwill rather than treachery and hate speech for which the Libyans pay through the lives of their youth while the children of the instigators who cling to their positions on the one hand, and children of the prominent people on the other hand, are enjoying their luxurious lives, as he put it.

“Whoever rejects this solution, whose careful reading indicates it is in the best interest of my countrymen who suffer from the distress of living and the difficult conditions of life and endless sufferings is wrong and has surrendered to those inciting media platforms whose financiers benefit from the continuing suffering of the people and cutting off their only source of livelihood,” added the Culture Minister, Hassan Aounis.

“When the armed confrontation was an obligation on everyone at the time of the invasion of Tripoli, we all stood, old and young, women and children, in the face of the project to restore tyranny and dictatorship! With the grace of God and the strength and toughness of our brave youth, we managed to have clear victory over the forces of evil and aggression supported by all mercenaries of the world,” added Aounis.

He pointed out that the time has come to reach a resolution and prevent those who do not care about the lives of young people from achieving their aim by defusing the brutal war that will burn all but the children of the beneficiaries of its continuation and the instigators who call for rejecting the initiative to reopen fields and ports, even if it is under specific conditions and clear guarantees.

At the end of his post, the GNA’s Minister of Culture called for the continuation of this practical dialogue with a national vision to re-establish peace and reconciliation in Libya for the benefit of all the people.