Nayed: Maiteeq’s Stance on Resuming Oil Exports Opens the Door for National Reconciliation – Al Marsad

The Chairman of the Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) bloc and Special Envoy of the Libyan Parliament, Dr Aref Ali Nayed, commented on Saturday on the agreement to resume Libyan oil exports.

(Libya, 19 September 2020) – According to his media office, Dr Aref Ali Nayed considered that the agreement was “courageous” and comes with all the agreed details, conditions, and mechanisms, “at a time when all Libyans are in a dire need for the flow of the nation’s revenues to serve the country and the Libyan people.”

Nayed asserted that the agreement addresses the root causes of wars and conflicts in Libya and opens a new page of equity for all regions, cities, villages, and citizens.

He noted that the “first steps towards building a unified Libyan state are the equitable and fair distribution of Libya’s resources among all Libyans, and the renunciation of egotism, appropriation, subjugation, and corruption.”

“This agreement drains the sources of terrorism and deprives the cliques of the darkness of spoils that they had plundered for over ten years. Now the truth has come to light, and the Libyan people will realize the true identity of their captors,” added al-Nayed.

As for Mr. Ahmed Maiteeq’s siding with Libya, rather than a certain city or group, it opens the door for a genuine national reconciliation between the patriots in Misrata and their brethren in the rest of Libya, and blocks the way of ideological gangs and discord-mongers, who have torn our homeland apart,” concluded the statement.

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