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Europe’s Operation IRINI, which aims to implement the arms embargo resolution and to gather intelligence information on those who violate the arms ban, announced that it has reached its full operational capacity with the arrival of the Greek frigate HS Limnos.

(Libya, 20 September 2020) – According to 218 News, with the addition of the the Greek frigate HS Limons, IRINI now has three naval vessels presented by Italy, Germany and Greece, and four aircraft in direct support provided by Luxembourg, Poland, France and Greece, in addition to a drone provided by Italy.

Four months after launching the Operation IRINI, the Operation command said that it entered a decisive phase and it is able of take all the necessary actions to fulfil its mission, including boarding ships suspected of violating the ban. It allows them to take actions against those who show non-cooperative behavior or conflict with the goals of Operation IRINI.

Greek frigate HS Limnos

Operation IRINI said that it has inspected hundreds of ships and dozens of flights, as part of its mission of monitoring potential illicit flows by air, sea and land.

It pointed out that the Operation had sent 14 private reports to the United Nations Panel of Experts on the parties to the conflict in Libya. The Operation monitored 10 ports and landing points and 25 airports.

It also revealed that the Operation makes use of satellite imagery provided by the European Union Satellite Center (SatCen), which has fulfilled up to 250 specific requests from the IRINI team.

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