Al-Marsad Exposes Palestinian Lawyer Who Vows to Chase Haftar for the “Sake of Palestine” – Al Marsad

A Palestinian immigration and nationality lawyer residing in the United States, who professes to be well versed in international law and international humanitarian law, claimed he filed a case with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague against Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. 

(Libya, 21 September 2020) – The Libya Al-Ahrar TV channel allocated space for this unknown lawyer named Akram Abu Sharar by hosting him via Skype from California. He spoke at length about the Libyan file, especially the criminal part thereof, in a language that revealed a complete lack of understanding of the nature of the Libyan conflict, on top of which is his claim that “the Government of National Accord (GNA) was elected and thus represents the Libyan people.”

Immigration and divorce lawyer Akram Abu Sharar on Libya Al-Ahrar Channel

Abu Sharar claimed having no connection with any Libyan government agencies or organizations, but a quick look at his social media accounts indicates his clear political orientations and his affinity to the Islamist Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, which regularly hosts him as a “renowned” lawyer in such cases, which he is not. It seems that his “expertise” is not of a level that has earned the attention of PR companies, which use only well-known and famous names in their respective fields.


A background check by Al-Marsad’s team has revealed that he is a lawyer who specialises in immigration and asylum, marriage, family reunion, and work visas. His professional history does not indicate any form of specialization in international law or involvement in any similar cases, whether high-profile or not. He publishes US$300 advertisements for his office in obscure Arab-American newspapers to attract customers.

Further background checks led Al-Marsad to his office located on Brookhurst Street in Anaheim, Orange County in Southern California—a city full of Arab and Asian communities and other nationalities from asylum-seeking countries. His office looks more like a grocery store rather than a law firm.


During his speech on the Libya Al-Ahrar channel, Abu Sharar attacked the Libyan National Army (LNA) and its leadership and said that his complaint against Haftar had reached the ICC, completely oblivious that the ICC had already an open investigations into the violations committed by the various Libyan parties, as it stated it in its response to his baseless complaint.

His notoriety increased with help of Islamist websites and news channels who clearly have used his bogus case as an opportunity to attack the person of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. This comes particularly at a time when the Government of National Accord and its key figures (Fayez al-Sarraj, Fathi Bashagha and Khalid al-Mishri), the Muslim Brotherhood and various militias are facing unprecedented internal power conflicts and embarrassing corruption revelations by the Audit Bureau reports.

When asked about the outcome of his fabricated case, the lawyer implicitly acknowledged that he is only a mere voice for media consumption for “Al-Jazeera and its derivatives” by saying that the Libyan government and the Attorney General were the competent entities to address the ICC.


Al-Marsad contacted a member of the Libyan community in California, who confirmed his knowledge of Abu Sharar and said, “He is an immigration attorney and charges a nonrefundable US$1,000 on every customer who seeks to submit an immigration application to the US courts. He makes tasteless cliché advertisements to attract his customers.”

Belhaj accused of links with Hamas

When asked during the show about his motives as a Palestinian citizen to pursue Haftar, Abu Sharar answered naively, “I am an Arab citizen first of all, and the main issue is the Palestine issue that the UAE, Haftar’s ally, has abandoned,” forgetting that Haftar is one of the Arab officers who took part in the October War against Israel. Abu Sharar could not provide a convincing answer on his real motives or his actual sponsors in a case that is likely to cost tens of thousands of dollars and result in nothing more than empty statements and awkward interviews.

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