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The Chairman of Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya), Dr Aref Ai Nayed, resigned from his position as the envoy of the President of Libya’s House of Representatives (HoR) to several countries and international organizations. HoR’s President Chancellor Aguila Saleh had officially appointed Nayed as his envoy in a letter dated June 30, 2020, due to exceptional circumstances.

(Libya, 22 September 2020) – Dr Aref Ali Nayed, in his letter addressed to Chancellor Aguila Saleh, wrote: “As per your letter dated June 30, 2020, your Excellency has graciously appointed me as the “Envoy of the President of the HoR” to several countries and international organizations due to exceptional circumstances, as stated in your letter. With God’s grace, I have completed all the tasks entrusted to me to the best of my abilities. These have included the coordination of a series of successful international and diplomatic contacts, meetings, and endeavors, the most recent of which has been the contact with the Hellenic Republic and the Kingdom of Sweden in preparation for the deliberations of the Council of the European Union yesterday, Monday.”

In his letter, Nayed revealed the reasons for his giving up the capacity of diplomatic envoy as follows:

1- To prevent, unequivocally, any confusion or conflict of interests with regard to the participation of the chair and members of Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) in the various Libyan political and social dialogues. We represent only ourselves based on our political, economic, and humanitarian vision for Libya.
2- In Ihya Libya, we need to focus on catering for and training the young people who work with us and plan to run for the upcoming municipal and parliamentary elections based on the youth vision published on ( This requires full dedication and vigorous action.
3- The need for urgent preparation for the direct presidential elections, which we consider the ideal and necessary solution to the chronic legitimacies and extensions crisis in Libya. It is noteworthy that effective and valid Resolution No. 05/2014 adopted by your esteemed HoR stipulated the agreed upon and approved the rules for the presidential elections. Although the details of such elections and those of the powers of the presidency are also ready according to the decisions of the February Committee, unfortunately, repeated procrastinations have stalled the process despite the agreement of all stakeholders in the Paris Conference to hold these elections in December 2018.

In light of all the above, the Chairman of Ihya Libya reiterated his heartfelt thanks to Chancellor Saleh for his confidence and officially renounced his status as the Envoy of the President of the HoR wishing him all the success in serving the country. 

“[I] advise your Excellency to confront all plunder and power sharing ploys and focus all upcoming dialogue sessions on only the mechanisms and timings for returning the trust to their true owner, namely the Libyan people. I advise that the Libyan people should go to the polls sooner rather than later to choose a president for the one united Libya through direct and internationally observed elections according to the decisions of the February Committee. This is in line with the enforceable Resolution No. 05/2014. The proud Libyan people can then authorize whomever they want to serve that trust in the next stage,” concluded Nayed.

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