Bin Gharbia: Formation of National Guard Will Precede New Government and Bring Together All Revolutionary Fighters – Al Marsad

Al-Taher Bin Gharbia, one of the leading figures of “Volcano of Anger” in the city of Misrata, said that everyone is waiting for the activation of the “new-born” National Guard, especially those he described as “the free of the good land” of Libya, to create a body that unites all the fighters from among the children of the “revolution”.

(Libya, 23 September 2020) – In a statement on Al-Tanasuh channel of the radical Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani on Tuesday, Bin Gharbia described the movements of activating the National Guard as slow, but steady, in light of the continuous meetings and obstacles encountered.

The controversial Misratan figure, who recently described the female demonstrators in Tripoli as “prostitutes”, added: “We have removed all obstacles encountered due to the determination of the heroic men who resisted the aggression on the capital and who can walk the path of activating the National Guard Law, and create a body that includes all the children of the revolution and Libyans and protects the Libyan state and the civil society institutions”.

Bin Gharbia stressed their contacts with many bodies, including the Chief of Staff and the state agencies affiliated with the Presidential Council, which unanimously agreed to activate this body and start actual work in this regard, pointing out that offices have been established to take action to create a body that includes all “heroic fighters,” as he put it.

He also noted their intention to form this body before the formation of the next government, indicating that their steps have begun to pay off regarding a complete apparatus rather than a joint force or faction that has all the specializations.

“Preparing for the National Guard takes a very long time. We are now in the last step in which we will bring the new body to existence. There are steps that will follow these operations because the apparatus is very large and assists the army forces. The Chief of Staff has sided with the National Guard as well as the House of Representatives (HoR) and the government. When there is a constitution, the National Guard will protect it as well, so that the new Libya will set off away from the language of arms, threats, and lack of discipline,” argued Bin Gharbia. The House of Representatives (HoR) which he was referring to was the internationally unrecognised one in Tripoli.

He stressed that there will be great coordination between state institutions, the Ministry of Interior, and all represented government agencies that want to protect educational facilities and institutions, referring to their parallel lines to protect the Libyan state, its capabilities, and its citizens.

Bin Gharbia claimed that the National Guard will have a major role in fighting the rampant corruption in the state sectors and will protect the civil state. He denied it being an obstacle to the state or the direction of the government, but would rather work hand in hand with the ministries of Interior, Defense, Chief of Staff, and all state agencies and complement them, as he put it.

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