Muslim Brotherhood Media Outlets Deceive Audiences: Al-Marsad Uncovers Truth on Shipping Company – Al Marsad

The Muslim Brotherhood’s media outlets have been busy distorting topics or tampering with translation on critical news. The recent example of this has been the manipulation of the content of the sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU) on Monday on three companies and two individuals, namely Mahmoud Al-Warfali and the human smuggler in Bani Walid Musa Diab.

(Libya, 23 September 2020) – It began with the following misleading headline “Sanctions on a Jordanian company that supplies weapons to Haftar” on several platforms, channels, and accounts affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood or those based in Turkey.


Al-Marsad investigated the issue to uncover the truth behind this company which was said to be Jordanian, with the implication being that it was shipping weapons from Jordan to Libya. However, we found that the company slapped with EU sanctions is actually the Lebanese Med Wave Shipping Company owned by the Lebanese national Mari Abu Mari and registered in Amman as a branch.

This is the practice of dozens of companies working in this field due to the strategic importance of the Jordanian Aqaba Free Zone. The headquarters of the company are in Lebanon and it has three offices in Beirut, one in the Ras Beirut neighborhood downtown, and another in Germany, which it closed it a while ago.

Company records indicate its main office is in Beirut since its establishment in 2016.

Why has this company been placed on the sanctions list? Was it really involved in supporting Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar? The answer stems simply from the sanctions document itself, which has a clear and explicit clause that the Muslim Brotherhood’s media either intentionally ignored or just lacked knowledge of English—namely that this company is the owner and operator of the notorious ship Bana that was caught in flagrante delicto while unloading weapons and tanks in Tripoli Port on the night of 29 January 2020. The Italian authorities arrested its crew later in Italy where they confessed to everything.

The EU’s sanctions document indicates that the reason for sanctioning the “Med Wave” company, which has a branch in Jordan, is its ownership of the ship “Bana” on 21 September 2020.

That ship Bana had arrived at Tripoli Port accompanied by Turkish frigates, just two days after the Berlin Conference, which Erdogan attended and in which he pledged, like other heads of states, to stop sending weapons to Libya, taking advantage of the armistice.

The ship “Bana” entered the Tripoli Port under the protection of Turkish frigates on the night of 29 January 2020


Al-Marsad had published several reports on Med Wave Company and confirmed that its Amman office is just a branch to facilitate the company’s work from the Aqaba Port, where hundreds of international shipping companies operate due to its strategic location between Asia and Africa, kilometers away from the Suez Canal. This is similar to the rest of the free and international ports in which shipping companies open branches, such as the ports of Panama, Dubai, the Marshall Islands, and Liberia.

The BBC had also published a documentary called “Turkey’s Ghost Ships” in which it referred to the Bana owned by Med Wave and how it sailed to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, from Beirut Port passing by the Turkish Mersin Port, where it carried its military cargo. It is worth noting here that the sanctions have included a Turkish shipping company stationed in Mersin itself. Ankara condemned these sanctions on Tuesday.

Moreover, Al-Marsad had obtained satellite images that monitored the movements of the Bana ship from its entry into the Libyan waters until the unloading of its cargo after that of another ship called Serkin of the Turkish shipping company slapped with European sanctions.

These images confirm that the Government of National Accord (GNA) is importing weapons from Turkey based on the security and maritime agreement concluded by Fayez al-Sarraj last November is illegal and thus undermines the GNA’s narrative of “legal import of weapons”. This alsoundermines the entire agreement despite Ankara’s claim that it deposited the same with the United Nations and that such arms sales have become legitimate.

Captain Confesses that “Bana” was Carrying Freight of Weapons and Armored Vehicles from the Turkish Army for Libya

Meanwhile, Muslim Brotherhood media outlets continue to fool their audiences and mislead them with distorted news.

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