Muslim Brotherhood Urges Sarraj to Revoke Bayou’s Appointment; Bashagha Ignores Kidnapping – Al Marsad

The advisory High Council of State, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, called on the President of the Presidential Council to withdraw the decision to appoint Mohamed Bayou as the head of the Media Establishment.

(Libya, 22 October 2020) – According to statements by the spokesperson of the High Council of State, Mohamed Abdel Nasser, quoted by the Libya Al-Ahrar Channel, which is waging a ruthless campaign against Mohamed Bayou, Abdel Nasser rejected his recent statements and decisions.

Bayou had accused Sulaiman Dougha, director of the Libya Al-Ahrar Channel, of embezzling 35 million Libyan Dinars disbursed to him by Zidan’s government to establish a state news channel. Shortly after that, Bayou was kidnapped.

The spokesman for Mishri’s Council said: “We refuse Bayou’s description of the Operation Volcano of Anger in which the heroes of the army and support forces sacrificed to repel the aggression against Tripoli as a civil war.”

In the same context, the office of the designate Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, who is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, refused to comment on Bayou’s kidnapping. It stated that it would issue a statement, but did not so far in what seems to be an implicit approval of the kidnapping incident to force Bayou to resign or the GNA to dismiss him.

The spokesman for the “Brotherhood’s Council” also deplored the recent appointments made by him and the assignment of a controversial figure, as he put it.

Meanwhile, the Libya Panorama Channel and the al-Raed Network, the media arms of the Justice and Construction Party (JCP), continue their campaign against Bayou demanding al-Sarraj to backtrack the decision in a move through which the group aims to put forward an alternative name to control government media, according to what Bayou himself announced before his kidnapping.

It is noteworthy that the representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Gathering Party in the Presidential Council, Muhammad Amari Zayed and Abdul-Salam Kajman, had called on Fayez al-Sarraj to withdraw the appointment decision, citing that it was issued in violation of the political agreement. Ironically enough, all the decisions of the Presidential Council are basically invalid given the lack of the consensus requirement after half of its members either resigned or boycotted it.

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