Bayou’s Family: Volcano of Anger Slogan was Removed at the Request of UNSMIL for Media Pacification – Al Marsad

The Awlad Bayou Tribal Council addressed a letter to the notables and elders of the city of Misrata regarding the unlawful arrest of Mohamed Bayou, the head of the Libyan Media Corporation of the Presidential Council by the so-called Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade led by Ayoub Abou-Ras.

(Libya, 22 October 2020) – In its statement, the Awlad Bayou Tribal Council wrote: “We refer to you the complaint received from the family of Mohamed Omar Bayou. His house in Tripoli was attacked by armed forces while his family was inside it. They arrested him and two of his sons, and stole three private cars, jewelry, cash, passports, and mobile phones.”

The Council noted that the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, led by Ayoub Abou-Ras, claimed responsibility for this gangsters’ act and published a picture on its page showing Bayou after his kidnapping. It claimed that the arrest was on the orders of Osama Al-Juwaili. The Brigade released his two sons while Bayou remains in custody so far.

“As is the custom in our city Misrata, any encroachment on a Misratan outside the city is addressed by the elders’ and municipal councils. The tribe intervenes only in the issues that occur inside Misrata,” the statement elaborated.

The Council demanded the speedy handling of this matter and contacting the competent authorities in Tripoli to release their son Mohamed, and if there is any official complaint against him, the courts should handle that. The Council’s statement affirmed 9 points in particular as follows:

1- He is an official employee assigned by the Prime Minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, to head the Libyan Media Corporation, bearing in mind that whoever is holding him is bargaining his freedom against resignation.
2- We do not defend the capacity, but rather the person because he belongs to the Awlad Bayou’s tribe and the city of Misrata.
3- He has previously indicated that there are funded fake Facebook pages impersonating his name and publish posts that contradict his convictions to frame him. He referred to official correspondence in which he denied any link to these pages.
4- Immediately after the so-called “aggression” by Haftar against the capital, he stood against that and had many posts and media interventions in which he voiced his position.
5- The removal of the logo of the Volcano of Anger took place at the behest of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL). It has circulated a statement indicating that the confreres at the 5 + 5 track agreed in the third paragraph to stop the war slogans and the mutual inflammatory discourse. He acted as ordered. The February Channel broadcast a conference for the Movement to Restore Legitimacy, in which they demanded an end to the media incitement and military mobilization.
6- Concerning the assignment of the controversial female media personnel, he appointed a general supervisor for the Al-Wataniya Channel, who suggested her to be the Head of Programmes in the channel. This does not mean disavowal but rather confirms that she was not appointed as the channel’s head as some claim.
7- A delegation from the eastern region was received and prisoners were exchanged as part of the track of settlement and pacification sponsored by Turkey and Russia. Its requirements included reopening oil production and exports and shifting from war media to a peace media.
8- Mohamed Omar Bayou is not an army officer to fall under the jurisdiction of Major General Osama al-Juwaili, who should have arrested Haftar’s officers and commanders of the military operations during his aggression against the capital who are still present in Tripoli to this moment.
9- Mrs. Stephanie [Williams], the acting UN envoy to Libya, has issued a statement deploring the unlawful arrest of our son Mohamed Omar Bayou and calling for his immediate and unconditional release. The Canadian embassy and several human rights organizations issued similar statements.

The Council indicated that the situation requires the issuance of a clear and urgent statement condemning the kidnapping, the violation of the sanctity of homes, and the assault on private property. It indicated that it received calls from international human rights bodies and local and external media wishing to record the position of the tribe and family. “We shall refer to them the response of the Council of Notables and Elders of Misrata in terms of the measures taken in this regard,” concluded the statement.

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