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The ceasefire agreement announced today in Geneva between the Military Committee representing both the General Command of the Armed Forces and the Government of National Accord (GNA) received a wide international and regional welcome—except from Turkey.

(Libya, 24 October 2020) – The United States, Russia, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Germany, the European Union, and the League of Arab States (LAS) warmly welcomed the ceasefire agreement, congratulating the United Nations, which facilitated it, on this achievement.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan was the first to comment on the agreement, but rather negatively. He questioned its usefulness and said that the level of representation was of low profile and that it is like any other agreement. He even argued that “the GNA’s delegation represented the resigned al-Sarraj!”

In its second article, the agreement stipulated the freezing of all military agreements on training inside Libya, and the departure of the crews of foreign trainers. This clause of the 5 + 5 agreement will be effective immediately.

This paragraph is one of the most important outcomes of the agreement and it is what drives Turkey to reject it given that it is present in the bases and ports in western Libya under the pretext of the security agreement and training of “Libyan forces” signed by Erdogan and Sarraj last November.

For his part, the GNA’s pro-Turkey Defense Minister Salah El-Din al-Namroush, said that this agreement is “preliminary”, indicating that the presence of foreign forces in Libya is legal when it is requested by the legitimate authority, hinting that the Turkish presence is legitimate and the Turks should not be expelled.

The former UN envoy, Ghassan Salamé, indicated that today’s agreement was the fruit of an effort that he undertook in January before his resignation.

In response to Erdogan’s rejection, Salamé said: “The time of truth has come and those who oppose the agreement from outside must accept what the Libyans themselves have accepted. The Libyans have to rely on themselves.”

Major General Marajie al-Ammami, the representative of the General Command of the Libyan National Army in the agreement, confirmed that he signed according to the directives of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, while the head of the GNA’s delegation, Major General Ahmed Abu Shahma, said that his team and that of the General Command were courageous and asked politicians to follow suit.

For her part, Acting Envoy Stephanie Williams confirmed that the guarantor for the implementation of this agreement is the Security Council, indicating that she is heading to the Council to obtain a resolution supporting the Geneva agreement, thanking Sarraj, Field Marshal Haftar and Chancellor Aguila Saleh.

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