Al-Aradi: Attending Tunisia’s Dialogue “for the Sake of Libya” – Al Marsad

Abdul-Razzaq al-Aradi, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure and a founding member of the Justice and Construction Party (JCP), its political arm, revealed that the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) had selected him to participate in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) scheduled in Tunisia early November.

(Libya, 27 October 2020) – Abdul-Razzaq al-Aradi, a supporter of the Turkish army’s intervention in Libya, wrote on his official page: “UNSMIL had previously invited me to attend the Ghadames Forum, which was scheduled in April 2019, but the aggression against Tripoli thwarted that.”

“During the term of Interim National Transitional Council, I pledged not to run for any position, and here I am reiterating the same pledge. I did not aspire to be a member of this dialogue nor did I seek it. However, I reject the principle of absence. I cannot leave my seat vacant and I bear the consequences of that for the sake of the country,” added Al-Aradi.

Al-Aradi’s nomination as an invited participant in the LPDF has sparked a wide debate on his weight, especially with his claim to have resigned from the JCP and the Muslim Brotherhood earlier. Others argued that the list of invited participants lacks balance given that more than half of it represents the same current and its allies.

Yesterday, the first dialogue session started virtually in the form of a routine introductory session in preparation for the first actual sessions scheduled by the end of the first week of November.

On the other hand, the National Forces Alliance (which holds the majority of the 2012 elections) has confirmed it has not received any invitation to participate in the LPDF, while the UNSMIL granted about 13 seats to the JCP that included official members or nominees by Khaled al-Mishri, its Muslim Brotherhood leader.

العرادي : بن حميد عقد بيعة قتال مع داعش ضد حفتر لكنه ليس إرهابياً

Al-Aradi, who is described as the “godfather of Operation Dawn of Libya,” which was identified by the US State Department as the most key reason for undermining the political process, is one of the staunch supporters of the terrorist Shura councils. He had previously praised the terrorist Wissam bin Hamid despite blaming him for committing a “small mistake” of his pledge of allegiance to ISIS.

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