Libyan Tribal Union: UNSMIL’s LPDF Has Selected 50% from the Muslim Brotherhood – Al Marsad

The Libyan Tribal Union (LTU) sent a letter yesterday, Wednesday, to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, on the political track led by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and scheduled for 9 November in Tunisia.

(Libya, 5 November 2020) – The Libyan Tribal Union (LTU) indicated that the Libyan people have been suffering due to the unfortunate events that resulted from the UN error of legalizing the invasion of Libya by NATO in 2011 under the pretext of protecting civilians and based on false information, fake media reports, and fabricated scenes all of which were broadcast by the Qatar’s Al-Jazeera Channel and supported by some of the forces trading in wars and blood, according to their statement.

The LTU said that the path led by the UNSMIL is deviant because it failed to lay the correct foundations for resolving the Libyan crisis and the continued suffering of the Libyan people due to armed militias, gangs, terrorist, criminal and extremist groups.

The LTU expressed its desire to apprise the UN Secretary-General of the real picture and show the correct ways to solve the Libyan crisis and promote national reconciliation, and atone for its historical mistake in 2011, which was the main reason for the collapse of the Libyan state and the growth of extremist movements and groups, armed militias, and criminal gangs.

These notes are as follows:

(1) The dialogues and meetings conducted by the UNSMIL are primarily between one party and split into two that struggle for power and control over sources of energy and wealth. They do not exceed 20% as a maximum but NATO enabled them to control the country’s capabilities and link its destiny with their fate.
(2) The deliberate continuous disregard by the UNSMIL of the main component of the Libyan people, namely the Libyan tribes and clans, will not lead to a solution to the crisis, but rather prolong it and hinder the national reconciliation program adopted by the Libyan tribes. The solution in Libya lies in the Libyan tribes and clans.
(3) The UNSMIL disregards the supporters of the Jamahiriya regime and all popular opposition groups of the (17 February) movement, totaling more than 80% of the Libyan people. This does not lead to a sound and radical solution through any political dialogue aimed at solving the problem. The dialogue was confined to two parties that, in fact, belong to one current, which does not exceed 20%. They are the main reason for the destruction of Libya, the loss of its sovereignty, and the suffering of its people.
(4) UNSMIL Ambassador Stephanie Williams, has fallen into the trap of the Muslim Brotherhood which controls the west of the country. UNSMIL selected more than 50% of those invited to the Tunisia’s dialogue from the Muslim Brotherhood or those revolving in their orbit, including those who are falsely affiliated with the supporters of the Jamahiriya regime, and their private interests are linked with the February movement. In this way, the Muslim Brotherhood aims to seize all the country and transform Libya as a whole into a caliphate dependent on Turkey, ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood. This would export the danger to neighboring countries.

“The Libyan Tribes Union, as it addresses this letter to your Excellency to inform you about the seriousness of the plots being hatched for our country, Libya, aimed at handing it over to the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, and Qatar, the sponsors of terrorism in the Arab region, we hope that your Excellency stands by the true desire of the Libyan people to determine their destiny, draw their policy, and realize their sovereignty,” asserted the LTU.

In conclusion, the Libyan Tribes Union called on Guterres for a position he described as “historical” that corrects the mistakes that preceded him and resulted in the collapse of a pioneering state and destruction of its people who pride in an honorable history of jihad and struggle. They stressed that they will not neglect the history of Libya and will defend the homeland, its freedom, and its sovereignty.

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