Abusahmain: I Was Afraid of Being Accused of Failing to Support the Benghazi and Derna Shura Council – Al Marsad

The Former President of the General National Congress of Libya and the President, Nouri Abusahmain revealed that he had received an offer to be a member of the new Presidential Council.

(Libya, 8 November 2020) – Nouri Abusahmain said in statements made at a seminar held on Saturday in Tripoli with political and party activists, and which was broadcast by the Islamist channel Tanasuh TV: “I have been offered to be a member of the Western region for the new Presidential Council.”

“Before the 4/4 Ghadames conference, UNSMIL contacted me to attend the conference, and after I asked them for the agenda and the meeting’s details, I did not get any clarifications.”


Underestimating the Public Prosecutor who is investigating and detaining people for their involvement in terrorism through organizational support (the Benghazi and Derna Shura Councils, who are linked to Al-Qaeda), Abusahmain said: “I fear that I will be summoned by Libya’s prosecutor to ask for my failure to support the Benghazi and Derna rebels.”

As for the dialogue in Tunisia, Abusahmain said: “I challenge anyone who will attend the Tunisian meeting to have knowledge of its agenda.”

In February 2018, Abusahmain acknowledged sending weapons through offshore bulldozers to the “Organization” (Benghazi Shura, which includes Ansar al-Sharia membership), was designated by the UN Sanctions Committee and the US Foreign Ministry as a group linked to Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb.

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