Ghazi Moalla: “Price of the Vote has Reached 500,000 Euros Within the LPDF” – Al Marsad

Tunisian writer and journalist in Libyan affairs, Ghazi Moalla, described UNSMIL’s Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) currently held in Tunisia as a dialogue-cum-stock exchange and market for votes.

(Libya, 14 November 2020) – “The price of the vote in the Mövenpick Hotel differs from that in the Golden Tulip Gammarth Hotel, but in the Residence Gammarth, the stick and the carrot are going on,” Moalla said in posts on his Facebook page in reference to the hotels where the assistants and escorts of the LPDF members and delegates of the candidates meet.

The Tunisian writer described the amounts that the candidates use to buy votes in Gammarth hotels as astronomical, and impacting on the parent at the Four Seasons Hotel, where the LPDF takes place to lead the next stage in Libya.

He added, “Corrupt money is moving strongly and the price of the vote has reached 500,000 Euros within the LPDF committee. The LPDF concludes tonight and a second round of negotiations is highly likely.”

Libyan writer and researcher Mohamed Eljarh has revealed one of these bribery cases, stressing that “two LPDF participants have confirmed to (him) that Ali Dbaiba’s family member and aide who happens to be accompanying Ali Dbaiba at the Four Seasons has offered them USD 200k for their votes to Abdulhamid al-Dbaiba for the post of the PM.”

For his part, the head of the Economic Development Council in Tripoli, Fadil al-Amin, alluded to the suspicion of corruption and the purchase of votes in the LPDF, as he also said: “The corrupt money is moving today,” stressing that the elections are the shortest way to solution.

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