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A member of the Libya Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), Masaud Omar al-Orfi, revealed details of the negotiations that took place in Tunisia and the reason for its deadlock in the last quarter of an hour. He said the LPDF was organized, consensual, and in the interest of the country during its first days, but there was an alliance between the members of House of Representatives (HoR) and the Muslim Brotherhood’s High Council of State and they held the majority at the session.

(Libya, 18 November 2020) – Al-Orfi indicated during his interview on Al-Hadath channel on Monday that the plan from the beginning was to completely thwart the initiative to prevent Libyans from meeting for consultation.

He added, “When we agreed on everything and started to arrange the Presidential Council and Prime Ministry, a new tripartite agreement was concluded between the Muslim Brotherhood, the HoR, and the High Council of State. They formed a majority at the session and changed the balance of the conference. There were side agreements between delegations and consultations, but no names were proposed inside the hall.”

If this tripartite group in the LPDF remains the majority then no agreement will be reached in the online session next week, argued Al-Orfi.

He also stated that the electoral colleges and the delegation of representatives of Cyrenaica and Fezzan agreed on the need for the dialogue to be followed up and not to be in one hall, indicating that they are fully prepared for the decisions to be made by the majority, as he put it.

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