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The designate Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, deleted on Thursday evening a tweet he had published on one of his alleged goals on his visit to France, which was to “change Paris’s stance” towards the situation in Libya. 

(Libya, 19 November 2020) – Bashagha’s deleted tweet read: “Another good meeting today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean Le Drian. We discussed ways to enhance stability in Libya and confirmed to him the firm position of our people towards democracy and rejection of dictatorship and tyranny. We commended France’s reconsideration of its position towards Libya.”

The deleted Tweet

Bashagha’s removal of this tweet confirms what Al-Marsad published yesterday, Wednesday, that he would justify his visit to Paris given the current political and religious storms under the pretext of trying to attract and change France’s position from “the army camp to the GNA’s camp, which he seeks to lead,” according to the narrative he constantly promotes.

After Stumbling in Tunisia, Fathi Bashagha Seeks Support in Paris

Bashagha replaced his initial tweet with a “watered-down” one that fits his status, which is far away from changing France’s position. The new tweet read: “A fruitful meeting with Le Drian during which we discussed ways to strengthen Libyan-French relations. We affirmed our firm position that peace is the basis of stability in Libya. We praised the positive French role in supporting political dialogue.”

The watered-down Tweet

Thus, he removed from his second deleted tweet expressions that imply he represents the Libyan people, as well as his “audacious” claim about France’s review of its foreign policy, especially towards terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood, who support Bashagha at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) as the next prime minister.

Informed diplomatic sources confirmed to Al-Marsad in a report published yesterday, that Bashagha is seeking to mobilize French support towards his candidacy after his failure in the previous round of the LPDF. He is using his current position by signing remunerative contracts with French security companies, hoping to change Paris’ stance towards him.

In a related context, private media platforms and satellite channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies confirmed the existence of directives to stop the media campaign against France against the backdrop of the “offensive cartoons” and to stop broadcasting advertising breaks on the issue..

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