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The head of the Defense and National Security Committee of the former National Conference, Abdel Moneim Al-Yassir, said that the proposed voting mechanism for the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Tunisia for the Presidency Council and a new interim government is designed to allow Muslim Brotherhood personalities to run for executive positions. He argued that there were loopholes that the Muslim Brotherhood organization exploited to dominate the course of events at UNSMIL’s Forum.  

(Libya, 21 November 2020) – Abdel Moneim Al-Yassir, explained in an exclusive statement to Al-Ain News on Thursday, that the documents leaked from the LPDF were drafted by the Muslim Brotherhood, which managed to convince UNSMIL’s staff with it.

For Al-Yassir the situation heralds a new conspiracy against Libya. one worse than Skhirat.

He pointed out that the Tunisian Forum was marred by corrupt money and vote buying due to consistent lack of transparency in the UN mission’s dealings with various stakeholders.

He stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood organization does not want stability in Libya or unified authorities and a state that controls the country, because that would contradict with their project.

Al-Yassir said that the Brotherhood tried, and will repeat their attempts, to push everyone who is corrupted to the top of the political scene in Libya, using political money to entice, whilst using Misratan militias to intimidate opponents.

He expected that the Brotherhood would obstruct anything that would remove their control from the western region or affect their current position, indicating that they will not be satisfied with being merely a political party, but rather it will try to seize everything.

Al-Yassir warned against the international community’s attempt to impose the Muslim Brotherhood and the armed militias on the future of Libya, saying: “A delusional person is one who thinks that there will be stability in Libya with the presence of militias and the Brotherhood.”

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