Al-Misbahi: Islamist Insistence on Protecting Sarraj’s Agreements Hindered LPDF – Al Marsad

The Head of the Cabinet of the Supreme Council of the Sheikhs and Notables of Libya, Muhammad Al-Misbahi, confirmed that the Libyan tribes are fully behind their army in the face of Turkish occupation.  

(Libya, 22 November 2020) – Muhammad Al-Misbahi said in a statement to Al-Ain News that Libyan tribes reject the Muslim Brotherhood’s control over Libya. He said the tribes support the slogan of a “Libya without the Muslim Brotherhood” because of their organisation’s efforts to try to destroy Libya’s social fabric and the influence of the tribes.

He pointed out that the Libyan people reject the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, but elements of this organization are trying not to lose what they have seized in Libya, and they seek to use Libya for wider political goals in Africa.

He explained that the Libyan tribes warned of the failure of UNSMIL’s Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Tunisia, because the selection of the names of those participating in the dialogue were dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, who has no real desire to end the crisis in Libya.

He said that the Muslim Brotherhood insisted on adding a clause in the final text to protect previous agreements made by the Sarraj government with Turkey and Qatar. This, according to al-Misbahi, was one of the key reasons for the failure of the LPDF, in addition to the bribes to delegates which the United Nations is now investigating.

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