Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz Alleges Israeli Mossad runs Al-Marsad – Al Marsad

As part of the recent intensive malicious campaign against Al-Marsad by the Muslim Brotherhood organization, a former General National Congress member for the Justice and Construction Party (JCP) and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmud Abdul-Aziz, has launched once again an outlandish attack on Al-Marsad accusing it of having links with Israel.

(Libya, 22 November 2020) – Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz, nicknamed “Mahmud Masharef and the Green Camry” in Bani Walid, wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday evening, “The Emirati-funded Al-Marsad [according to his claim] is supervised by the Israeli Mossad. It carefully monitors the revolution media outlet and rephrases what they publish as Afkhai Adrai does!”—referring to the spokesperson for the Israeli occupation army.

“Mahmud Masharef” went further and made up a story about an alleged employee said to have been part of Al-Marsad’s team but resigned and fled after knowing that those who supervise the editorial content and train the editorial team are officers from the Israeli Mossad.

رغم تحذيراتها.. عبدالعزيز يروج لصفحة فيسبوك مزورة تحمل إسم صحيفة المرصد

Al-Marsad had filed legal action against Mahmud Abdul-Aziz on February 2020 in the Republic of Malta, but his lawyer requested the suspension of the legal procedures due to the coronavirus pandemic and the complete lockdown that took place in Valletta. Now that these conditions no longer exist, Al-Marsad will reactivate the case against Mahmud Abdul-Aziz

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