Al-Tarabulsi Files Legal Complaint Against Bashagha and His Personnel for “Mitiga Assault” – Al Marsad

Vice President and Acting Head of the Libyan Intelligence Service, Emad al-Tarabulsi, has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against Fathi Bashagha, his guards, and his protocol officer. He accused them of beating and “thuggery” against two members of the Intelligence Service while on duty as assigned by Fayez al-Sarraj at the Mitiga International Airport, when the accused traveled to Paris on November 18.

(Libya, 23 November 2020) – In his complaint, Emad al-Tarabulsi narrated details of the beating, dragging, and insult inflicted to the injured Khaled Muhammad Hamza, supervisor of the VIP lounge, and his colleague Muhammad Rakhees, who sustained fractures at the hands of Bashagha’s officers.

Al-Tarabulsi confirmed that the incident occurred when the members of the Intelligence Service were carrying out tasks assigned to them by Sarraj, namely to photograph all the passports of foreign officials and diplomats at the checkpoints and provide him with a daily report on who enters and exits. This includes the officials and ministers of the Government of National Accord (GNA) whose travel requires prior approval.

Al-Tarabulsi asked for the arrest of Bashagha’s escort and guards after they beat Rakhees while performing his work as a duty inspector at the airport with his colleague Hamza, who lost consciousness due to the brutal beating that caused him leg fractures.

According to the complaint, this incident was because the two victims requested to see the passports of Bashagha and his companions before traveling to Paris, which is an established procedure at the airport by the Intelligence Service in accordance with Sarraj’s instructions. Last July, al-Sarraj circulated a memorandum in this regard.

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Bashagha was not satisfied with only assaulting and dragging the officers at the airport, but rather issued verbal instructions not to document the travel of the officials and instructed the Director of Mitiga Airport to remove any officer from the Intelligence Service unless he has a military decree—which is an interference in the work of the Libyan Intelligence Service. It is also a violation of the applicable laws and regulations. Ironically enough, in this case, both victims had military decrees.

Al-Tarabulsi confirmed his complaint with testimony from the Mitiga police station of the same Ministry of Interior, confirming that Bashagha’s officers severely beat the two officers, Rakhees and Hamza at the airport in addition to a medical certificate issued by the Tripoli Central Hospital stating that the assault caused Hamza to sustain fractures.

In his complaint, al-Tarabulsi stated that the incident in the VIP lounge undermines the reputation of the Libyan state, constitutes an insult to a security body that directly reports to the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez al-Sarraj, and conveys a terrible impression of the Ministry of Interior to local and international public opinion.

Al-Tarabulsi provided the Public Prosecutor’s office with all the documents that support his complaint, calling for the arrest of Ashraf al-Ajili, Bashagha’s escort and director of protocol, Marwan al-Maadani, an assistant named Abu al-Qasim, and everyone who participated in this attack.

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