Dbaiba: UNSMIL Leaks Corruption Allegations to “Facebook Activists”, People’s Confidence in Us Shaken – Al Marsad

Ali Dbaiba, a member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), asked Stephanie Williams, the Acting Special Representatives of the Secretary-General for Libya and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), to present all the details of the bribery issue to all members transparently. He accused her of leaking details to Facebook activists rather than to LPDF members.

(Libya, 23 November 2020) – Ali Dbaiba said in a statement, “The accused are participants among us and this has caused a lot of frustration on the street and among the Libyan citizens in addition to distorting the reputation of all of us, collectively, except for those who were directly accused according to the circulating allegations or who attended this meeting.”

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“I, strongly and persistently, demand now and immediately to put the matter before us so that things become clear and the truth revealed. How can the Libyan people have confidence in our choices while we are accused of corruption and using political money to spoil consciences and buy the will of the Libyan people?” added Dbaiba.

It is noteworthy that the participation of Ali Dbaiba in the LPDF in Tunis, and before him, his cousin Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba in the Swiss Montreux Dialogue, sparked widespread controversy due to the family’s association with corruption and money laundering cases described as the largest in Scotland related to wealth illegally collected during the previous regime, according to British and Scottish reports.


Dbaiba demanded to know the names that the UNSMIL claims to be involved. “We need to receive evidence and hear the testimony of witnesses. It is unreasonable to allow them to continue the dialogue and decide the will of the people at this historical stage until they prove their innocence of the allegations directed against them,” as he put it.

He indicated that this matter should be “declared before the world and the Libyan people. UNSMIL needs to prove their guilt and the validity of the allegations, and then they must leave us immediately and the UNSMIL must persecute them,” added Dbaiba.

These accusations also extended to Fathi Bashagha after a leaked recording showed an attempt to buy votes for him by means of intimidation and enticement. Most criticisms in the LPDF focused on Dbaiba, accusing him of using the money and on Bashagha for the same accusation, with reports of threats to use his current influence as Minister of the Interior.

He continued: “I ask that we all listen to the witnesses if there are any. We want them to give us the names; I mean the series of names involved in the attempt to buy the votes. Who called whom? How? In favor of whom? What is the deal? I want all of us to consider all these details before we continue talking about our role in relieving the Libyan people of their current ordeal and deadly crisis.”

In a new case related to the recruitment and leakage of information, Dbaiba said, “I also want the UNSMIL to disclose to us its links with some social media activists who distorted the LPDF through allegations of corruption and vote-buying. Some of these activists clearly stated that they had heard allegations of bribery from members of the UNSMIL.”

“How can mere Facebook activists be notified of the details while we are not though we are the most directly concerned with that? Is it just an unintentional mistake, or is it a deliberate order to remove some figures and force them to remain silent and fearful as some expect they will oppose the desires of some countries interfering in the Libyan crisis to appoint specific figures in sensitive leadership positions?“ asked Dbaiba.

He concluded by saying, “Are we here expressing the will of the Libyan people, or are we just numbers on a theatre run by foreign powers who want us to be mere false witnesses? I call for opening the file of bribes to buy the votes of the participating members now and immediately. Otherwise, the people will no longer trust us; we will no longer trust ourselves; we will no longer trust the UNSMIL.”

The UN Security Council Sanctions Committee has begun investigating the bribery case.

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