Winer: Biden Will Be Hostile to Turkey if It Continues Financing Syrian Mercenaries – Al Marsad

Former US envoy to Libya under the Obama Administration, Jonathan Winer, said in an interview to Al-Jazeera channel that Joe Biden does not have a policy towards Libya but was likely to support Libya’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

(Libya, 24 November 2020) – In a statement to Qatar’s Al-Jazeera channel, Jonathan Winer said that Biden’s policy will remain within the framework of a peaceful solution for the Libyan crisis, through a political process that respects the arms embargo, stops the attack on civilians and infrastructure, supports Libya’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, in addition to the departure of mercenaries and foreign military forces.

Winer argued that countries willing to approach this policy would consider Biden’s administration as a good partner.

“Biden will probably show his respect for Libyans to decide their fate, and his ability to discuss with others to achieve it, which is a contrast to confusion, contradictory actions, mixed signals, and explicit negligence of Washington’s stance toward Libya during Trump’s rule.”

He added: “If Turkey supports the new law’s objectives in action instead of words, it may cooperate with Biden’s administration. But if Turkey continued financing the Syrian mercenaries and supporting the military conflict, it will be in confrontation with Biden, in addition to consequences that may follow.”

He also confirmed that the Libya Stability Support Act targets regional parties involved in providing weapons to the warring parties in Libya, and that that sanctions would only in the absence of ceasefire.

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