Greek Foreign Minister: Neo-Ottoman Ambitions Are the Challenge We Face Against Turkey – Al Marsad

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that Turkey is a factor of instability in the region and is trying to impose its will on its neighbors.

(Libya, 25 November 2020) – Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, in an interview with Al Arabiya, said, “What we are facing with Turkey is a challenge from a new Ottoman state,” noting that Ankara has been transferring mercenaries to Syria, Libya, and the southern Caucasus.

“Turkey is trying to interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs and believes that it has the right to be a superpower,” added Dendias, noting that Greece will not opt for the military option willingly, but it must defend itself if forced to do so, as he put it.

Greek Foreign Minister pointed out that Ankara creates problems wherever it goes, and that it has a historical ambition that it seeks to achieve the wrong way.

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