Erdogan on Turkey’s Presence in Libya: “I Am Mandated by Millions of Muslims Around the World” – Al Marsad

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed there is a responsibility entrusted to him, along with millions of Muslims around the world, in his capacity as a member of the Islamic nation. This recalls the same rhetoric Ottoman sultans and thieves used to repeat in past centuries as a justification for the invasion of nations, including those that called them to come to their countries.

(Libya, 28 November 2020) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his speech on Saturday, during his virtual participation in the 23rd Annual Convention of the Muslim American Society (MAS), as reported by the Turkish Anadolu Agency (AA) said, “We are mandated to defend the oppressed Syrians, the Yemeni children who suffer from hunger and disease, and the rights of Palestinian orphans.”

He added, “Turkey is dealing with various crises in the Islamic world based on this concept from Palestine to Libya and from Karabakh to Syria.”

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He said his country has embraced people of different cultures and religions over the centuries and strives to prevent ethnic and sect-based conflicts, and tries to follow a balanced, fair, and self-confident policy that will set an example for all humanity, as he put it.

Erdogan’s speech comes in conjunction with an unprecedented airlift operations between Turkish airbases and the airports at Libyan bases in which Turkish forces are present or control, such as al-Watiya, Misrata, and Mitiga, amid warnings and reports of Turkish mobilization for a new war that undermine and sabotage the 5+5 Military Track agreements, which although hailed by both warring Libyan sides, UNSMIL and the international community—but explicitly rejected by Erdogan.

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