HoR and State Council Conclude Second Round of Tangier Dialogue, Agree on 5 Points – Al Marsad

The House of Representatives (HoR) and the advisory High Council of State teams participating in the Libyan dialogue held in Tangier, Morocco, issued a statement marking the conclusion of the second session of the dialogue.

(Libya, 1 December 2020) – The statement issued today, Tuesday, valued the efforts of the king, government, and people of the Kingdom of Morocco for sponsoring the Libyan dialogue and helping the Libyans overcome the political crisis that has plagued their country for years. The statement also stressed that these efforts had had a good effect since 2015, especially after Skhirat and Bouznika embraced dialogue sessions followed now by Tangiers.

It added that Tangier has been hosting an important meeting of the HoR for days followed by a joint meeting of the two dialogue teams in the HoR and the State Council to discuss a modality to implement the consensus reached recently by the two entities on the implementation of Article 15 of the political agreement to unify the sovereign institutions. It revealed the formation of a mini-working group from the two dialogue teams to start its work within days to achieve this goal.

The statement touched on the issue of discussing the proposals referred by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) regarding the selection of high-ranking officials in the executive authority during the preliminary stage,. It quoted the two dialogue teams as emphasizing the need to choose a transparent, fair, and balanced mechanism that provides the opportunity for each region’s electoral college to nominate more than one candidate for each post. The political dialogue would then collectively vote in a plenary session to select the right candidate.

It indicated that the meeting between the two dialogue teams was part of implementing the political agreement to overcome the political division and its repercussions. This aims at enhancing the chances of success of the UNSMIL-sponsored political dialogue.

In the same context, the statement confirmed 5 points, the first of which was adherence to the Libyan ownership of the political process and working according to the mechanisms stipulated therein, the political agreement, and relevant Security Council resolutions.

The second point emphasized the need to intensify direct meetings as an effective and transparent means to address issues that hinder the unification of state institutions, end the division, and stop foreign interference.

The third point indicated adherence to building the civil state that Libyans aspire to and have made precious sacrifices for its sake.

The fourth point affirmed the need for extending the state’s authority over all Libyan lands, launching national reconciliation and transitional justice, ensuring the return of the internally and externally displaced to the country in a dignified and safe manner with the right of all those affected to reparation and prosecution according to the law.

The fifth point indicated the keenness to support the UNSMIL efforts to end the conflict and division in Libya, which would hopefully culminate in the implementation of the constitutional stipulations and holding general elections to end the transitional stages, enter the permanent phase, and achieve stability under the state of justice and law.

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