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Ted Cruz, a member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has resubmitted Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act to Congress “since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Brotherhood affiliated groups have consistently preached and incited hatred against Christians, Jews, and other Muslims.” The Act urges the US State Department to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

(Libya, 3 December 2020) – Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said: “We must hold the Muslim Brotherhood accountable for Funding and promoting radical Islamic terrorism.”

In a tweet published late Wednesday, he added, “I’m proud to reintroduce my Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act today” to advance America’s fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

In the news report attached to the tweet and published on the official website of Senator Cruz, he stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood should be held accountable for financing and promoting radical Islamic terrorism. He acknowledged the step taken by President Donald Trump’s administration for naming Muslim Brotherhood terrorism by its name and combating its spread as a potent threat.

US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

“I look forward to receiving the additional information this new bill requests from the Department of State,” which will determine that this group meets the legal criteria for inclusion in the category of foreign terrorist organizations.”

Cruz asserted that “Many of our closest allies in the Arab world have long ago concluded that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group that seeks to sow chaos across the Middle East, and I will continue working with my colleagues to take action against groups that finance terrorism.”

US Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), a co-sponsors of the bill, said “Since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Brotherhood affiliated groups have consistently preached and incited hatred against Christians, Jews, and other Muslims while supporting designated radical terrorists.”

He added, “I am proud that under the Trump administration we continue to call out and combat radical terrorism, and I am glad to join my colleagues today in reintroducing this legislation. We must continue to condemn Foreign Terrorist Organizations and hold them accountable for the evil they perpetrate”

Senator Ted Cruz has been a consistent advocate for the inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood, along with other organizations promoting terrorism, in the list of foreign terrorist organizations per US law. He introduced a bill to the US Senate for the first time in 2015 and resubmitted it for the second time in 2017 and now in 2020.

The Emir of Qatar receiving designated terrorist, Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf Qaradawi, with a kiss. (Archive)

The bill is likely to provoke anger from the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist affiliates and satellite organisations in the US and abroad. Concern is likely to be felt too in Qatar and Turkey, who continue to support the terrorist organisation and whose capital cities have become safe-havens for members of radical Islamist groups.

Founded in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood has been designated as a terrorist group by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

Libya‘s elected-Parliament also designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group on 14 May 2019.

In July 2019, Jordan’s top court has ordered the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood after it failed to resolve its legal status in the country.

Earlier this month, Austrian police raided more than 60 sites linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in four different regions.

In July this year, after an eight-month investigation process which included 60 experts on Islamism, a Commission of the French Senate produced a 244-page report that concluded that the Muslim Brotherhood was a dangerous organisation whose leaders should be banned from France. The Commission also highlighted that Turkey and Qatar were the two main state supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the UK, the government’s report in December 2019 stated that “the Muslim Brotherhood have been publicly committed to political engagement in this country. Engagement with Government has at times been facilitated by what appeared to be a common agenda against al Qaida and (at least in the UK) militant salafism. But this engagement did not take account of Muslim Brotherhood support for a proscribed terrorist group and its views about terrorism which, in reality, were quite different from our own; aspects of Muslim Brotherhood ideology and tactics, in this country and overseas, are contrary to our values and have been contrary to our national interests and our national security.”

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